Hicks/Schiller Call Numbers

Comparative, non-Anglo-American foreign, and miscellaneous materials are classified using the Hicks and Schiller systems. The letters at the beginning of the call numbers are derived from the form of material or country or subject they represent.

Most items dealing with the law of another country are assigned call numbers which begin with an abbreviation of the name of that country, for example, "It" for Italy, "Jpn" for Japan, "Sp.Col" for Colombia. Please note, however, that Anglo-American materials are generally classified using the "LC" system. Thus Great Britain is KD; Canada, KE; Australia, KU; New Zealand, KUQ.


Foreign law (other than Anglo-American) and comparative titles are in the cellar, with the following exceptions:

  • Jpn, Kor - 2nd Floor
  • Rus - Treasure Room (inquire at Circulation)
  • Rus.S (to 1945) - Treasure Room (inquire at Circulation)

Miscellaneous materials include such classes as AR (Annual report), GH (history of law), GJ (jurisprudence), P (Anglo-American periodicals), R (reports); consult Pegasus for locations.

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Last Updated: 09/19/2006