Library of Congress Call Numbers

Library of Congress ("LC") call numbers begin with 1-3 capital letters joined to 1-4 numbers. Generally speaking, the letters are abstract, not directly derived from the subjects they represent.

The following groups of letters are characteristic "LC" call numbers, copiously represented in the Law Library: BF, H (social sciences), HD, JX (international law), K, KD (law of Great Britain), KE (Canadian law), KF (American law), KFC, KFN (New York, Nevada law), KU (Australian law), KUQ (law of New Zealand), L (education), LB, RA (medical sciences), RC, Z (bibliographies).

LOCATIONS: "LC" numbers are found on the 4th floor of the Law Library, with the following exceptions:

  • JX - 2nd floor (but JX1304-JX1904 are in the cellar)
  • KE - 5th floor

Some non-"LC" call numbers, such as GH and GJ, look somewhat like "LC" call numbers, but the letters of non-"LC" call numbers stand for their subject (GH = history of law; GJ = jurisprudence), form (T = treatise; P = periodical), or country (Af Ken = law of Kenya).

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Last Updated: 09/19/2006