Classification Systems

There are two classification systems used in the Arthur W. Diamond Law Library, the "LC" and Hicks/Schiller systems.

"LC"     All materials in international law, and materials in Anglo-American law and in non-legal subjects acquired since 1978, are classified using the Library of Congress System. "LC" call numbers begin with 1-3 capital letters joined to 1-4 numbers (KF6368, JX1976). Generally speaking, the letters are abstract, not directly derived from the subjects they represent.

Hicks/Schiller     Comparative and non-Anglo-American foreign legal materials are classified using the Schiller system, and miscellaneous American materials, including statutes, court reports, periodicals, and older treatises, are classified using the Hicks system. In these systems, the letters at the beginning of the call number are derived from the country they represent (It for Italy, Jpn for Japan), from their form (R for American reports, P for Anglo-American periodicals) or from the principal subject (GJ for jurisprudence).

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