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Author Rosenne, Shabtai, author.
Title Rosenne's Law and practice of the international court, 1920-2015.
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 Note on Documents and Abbreviationsxxix
 Volume I The Court And The United Nations 
ch. 1 Introduction 
I.1.Political and the Legal in the Settlement of Disputes1
I.2.Arbitration and Judicial Settlement Compared9
I.3.Dissolution of the Permanent Court15
I.4.Historical Appreciation17
I.4A.Multiplicity of International Courts and Tribunals33
ch. 2 Establishment And Constitution Of The Court 
I.5.Outbreak of the War45
I.6.Early Inter-Allied Discussions49
I.7.Dumbarton Oaks Proposals54
I.8.Washington Committee of Jurists57
I.9.San Francisco Conference59
I.10.International Court of Justice - A New Court67
I.10A.Language of the Statute71
I.11.United Nations Preparatory Commission72
I.12.Opening of the New Court73
I.13.Functional Continuity of the Two Courts75
I.14.Problems of Interpretation78
I.15.Political Interpretation80
I.16.Judicial Interpretation83
I.17.State Practice88
I.18.Travaux Preparatoires89
I.19.Non-Judicial Precedents92
I.20.Amending the Statute94
ch. 3 Political And Institutional Role Of The Court 
I.21.Permanent Court and the League of Nations99
I.22.Court and the United Nations103
I.23.Charter and Statute105
I.24.Court as a Principal Organ109
I.24A.2005 Summit Outcome118
I.25.Court and the General Assembly119
I.26.Court and the Security Council130
I.27.Court as Principal Judicial Organ142
I.28.Court and Other Judicial Organs144
I.29.Organs and the Court147
I.29A.Court and the Secretariat148
I.30.Litispendence, Political and Legal151
I.31.Specialized Agencies and the Court155
I.32.International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea158
I.32A.International Criminal Court161
I.33.Political Function of Judicial Settlement162
I.34.Judicial Role of the Court169
I.35.Attitudes of States towards Judicial Settlement176
I.36.Attitudes of States: The Western Attitude180
I.37.Attitudes of States: The Marxist-Socialist Attitude184
ch. 4 Post-Adjudication Phase 
I.39.Character of the Post-Adjudication Phase197
I.40.Views of the Court202
I.41.Underlying Characteristics of the Problem204
I.42.Obligation of Compliance207
I.43.Compliance with Incidental and Interlocutory Decisions208
I.44.Compliance with Final Decisions210
I.45.Compliance through National Courts215
I.46.Consequences of Non-Compliance223
I.47.Role of Self-Help228
I.48.Methods to Secure Compliance232
I.49.Comprehensive Example: The Corfu Channel Case236
I.50.Compliance through United Nations Charter Machinery243
I.51.Role of the Security Council245
I.52.Role of Other Organs251
I.53.Complaint of Iran's Failure to Comply with Indication of Provisional Measures (1951)252
I.54.Arbitral Award of the King of Spain Case (1960-1963)256
I.55.Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua Case260
I.56.Frontier Dispute (Burkina Faso/Mali) Case262
I.57.Territorial Dispute (Libya/Chad) Case263
I.57A.Land and Maritime Boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria Case264
I.57B.Land, Island and Maritime Frontier Dispute between El Salvador and Honduras268
I.57C.Capital Punishment Cases269
I.57D.Frontier Dispute (Benin/Niger) Case275
I.57E.Temple of Preah Vihear (Cambodia v Thailand) Case275
I.57F.Burkina Faso/Niger Case276
I.58.International Force and Judgment Enforcement276
ch. 5 Advisory Opinions 
I.59.Experience of the League of Nations279
I.60.Comparison of Covenant and Charter285
I.61.Principal Organs: The General Assembly300
I.61A.Emergency Special Session308
I.62.Reception of Advisory Opinions by the General Assembly310
I.63.Principal Organs: The Security Council322
I.64.Principal Organs: The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)327
I.65.Principal Organs: The Trusteeship Council331
I.67.Other United Nations Organs334
I.68.Specialized Agencies338
I.69.Specialized Agencies: The International Labour Organization341
I.70.Specialized Agencies: World Health Organization343
I.71.Specialized Agencies: UNESCO344
I.72.Specialized Agencies: The International Maritime Organization345
I.73.Specialized Agencies: The World Bank345
I.74.International Atomic Energy Agency346
I.75A.Reinvigorating the Advisory Competence359
ch. 6 Members Of The Court 
I.77.Qualifications of Members of the Court366
I.78.Frequency of Elections371
I.79.Nomination of Candidates373
I.80.Withdrawal of Candidacies377
I.81.System of Election378
I.82.Procedure in the General Assembly380
I.83.Procedure in the Security Council383
I.84.Meeting and Ballot385
I.85.Avoidance of a Deadlock387
I.86.Elections to Fill Occasional Vacancies387
I.87.Term of Office of Members of the Court389
I.88.Appraisal of the Electoral System391
I.89.Solemn Declaration of a Member of the Court399
I.90.President and Vice-President400
I.91.Order of Precedence of the Members of the Court406
I.92.Resignation of a Member of the Court407
I.93.Removal from Office of a Member of the Court407
I.95.Attendance of Members of the Court and the Quorum417
I.96.Chambers of the Court419
I.97.Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities423
ch. 7 Registrar And The Registry 
I.100.Removal from Office432
I.101.Registry Staff433
I.101A.Joint Inspection Unit and the Registry436
I.102.Privileges and Immunities437
I.103.Instructions for the Registry438
I.104.Court's Publications441
I.105.Relations with the Press444
I.105A.Court's Museum444
ch. 8 Finance And Administration 
I.106.League System447
I.107.Statute of 1945449
I.108.Court's Expenditure451
I.109.Unforeseen Expenditure455
I.110.Court's Income456
I.111.Salaries of the Members of the Court458
I.112.Revision of 1950459
I.113.Revision of 1961462
I.114.Revision of 1967463
I.115.Revision of 1971463
I.116.Revision of 1973464
I.117.Revision of 1976466
I.118.Revision of 1980468
I.119.Revision of 1985468
I.120.Revision of 1990469
I.121.Revision of 1993-1994470
I.122.Review of 1995471
I.122A.Revision of 1998472
I.122B.Review of 2001473
I.122C.Review of 2004-2005474
I.122D.Reviews of 2006-2008475
I.122E.Review of 2010478
I.122F.Review of 2013479
I.123.Education Grant479
I.124.Relocation (Assignment) Grant481
I.125.Members Retained to Finish a Case482
I.126.Special Allowance of President and Vice-President482
I.127.Judges ad hoc484
I.128.Pensions of Members of the Court488
I.129.Pension Plan of 1946488
I.130.Revised Pension Plan of 1960491
I.131.Revised Pension Plan of 1963492
I.132.Revised Pension Plan of 1980493
I.133.Review of 1995494
I.133A.Review of 1998496
I.133B.Review of 2000-2001496
I.133C.Review of 2004497
I.133D.Review of 2008498
I.133E.Review of 2011500
I.133F.Review of 2013503
I.134.Financing the Pensions504
I.135.Registrar's Salary506
I.136.Registry Staff Salary507
I.137.Tax Equalization - Staff Assessment508
I.138.Travel and Subsistence Allowances511
I.139.Witnesses and Experts512
I.140.Appraisal of Budgetary Arrangements513
I.141.Registrar's Pension516
I.142.Registry Staff's Pension517
I.143.Court's Property517
I.144.Seat of the Court518
I.145.Official Mail, Postal Services and Common Services520
I.146.Secretary-General's Trust Fund521
 Volume II Jurisdiction 
ch. 9 Jurisdiction And Admissibility: General Concepts 
II.147.Concept of Dispute: Justiciability and Jurisdiction525
II.148.Jurisdiction and Competence536
II.149.Meaning of Jurisdiction543
II.150.Mutuality and Reciprocity as Elements of Jurisdiction549
II.151.Jurisdiction and Propriety554
II.152.Concept of Essential Parties560
II.153.Jurisdiction and the Seisin of the Court568
II.154.Consensual Basis of Jurisdiction571
II.155.Expression of Consent579
II.156.Temporal Factor in Jurisdiction584
II.157.Consent by Conduct588
II.158.Withdrawal of Consent591
II.159.Jurisdiction to Decide ex aequo et bono592
II.160.non ultra petita Rule598
II.161.Jurisdiction over Incidental Matters600
II.162.Jurisdiction to Control Proceedings606
ch. 10 Qualification To Be A Party In A Case: Jurisdiction Ratione Personae 
II.164.Members of the United Nations618
II.165.Non-Members of the United Nations as Parties to the Statute620
II.166.Consequences of Being a Party to the Statute623
II.167.Withdrawal from the United Nations, Suspension of Rights of Membership and Expulsion626
II.167A.Termination of the Existence of a State629
II.168.Access to the Court of States Not Parties to the Statute632
II.169.Access to the Court of States Not Parties to the Statute: Security Council Resolution 9 (1946)637
II.170.Access to the Court of States Not Parties to the Statute: Rules of Court, Articles 36 (1946) and 41 (1978)640
II.171.Public International Organizations643
II.172.International Non-Governmental Organizations657
ch. 11 Treaties And Conventions In Force 
II.174.Jurisdiction Ratione Materiae661
II.174A.Treaties in Force: Statute, Article 36 (1)662
II.175.Special Agreement667
II.176.Compromissory Clause669
II.177.General Treaties for the Pacific Settlement of Disputes673
II.178.Framework Agreement676
II.179.Treaties Concluded before 1945: Statute, Article 37681
II.180.Matters Provided for in the United Nations Charter: Statute Article 36 (1)694
II.181.General Theory of Forum Prorogatum697
II.182.Forum Prorogatum: Early Developments701
II.183.Discussions of 1934-1936705
II.184.Time for Formal Agreement708
II.185.Agreement by Successive Acts in the Proceedings709
II.186.Agreement Reached in Course of Pleading716
II.187.Tacit Consent718
II.188.State Organs Competent to Give Consent722
II.189.Evaluation of Forum Prorogatum724
ch. 12 Compulsory Jurisdiction (Optional Clause) 
II.191.Statute: Article 36, Paragraphs 2 and 3730
II.192.'Ipso Facto and without Special Agreement'732
II.193.'States Parties' and 'Any Other State'735
II.194.'Accepting the Same Obligation'736
II.195.'Legal Disputes'738
II.196.Declarations Made before 1945: Statute, Article 36 (5)741
II.197.Form of Declaration747
II.198.Deposit and Circulation of a Declaration: Statute, Article 36 (4)748
II.199.Reciprocity: Statute, Article 36 (3)754
II.200.Reservations and Conditions: Statute, Article 36 (3)761
II.201.Objective Reservation of Domestic Jurisdiction: Charter Article 2 (7)768
II.202.Subjective Reservation of Domestic Jurisdiction772
II.203.Temporal Conditions: Terminology775
II.204.Temporal Limitations777
II.205.Application of Temporal Limitations781
II.206.Temporal Element of Jurisdiction Ratione Personae789
II.207.Special Reservations793
II.208.War Exclusion Clause796
II.209.Interpretation of Declarations800
II.210.Modification, Amendment and Replacement of a Declaration807
II.211.Denunciation of a Declaration810
II.212.Lex Specialis of the System of Compulsory Jurisdiction813
ch. 13 Matters Of Jurisdiction 
II.214.Importance of Matters of Jurisdiction827
II.215.Jurisdiction as to the Jurisdiction836
II.216.Meaning of 'Dispute as to Jurisdiction'842
II.217.Consequences of Raising a Matter of Jurisdiction851
II.218.Time for Raising a Matter of Jurisdiction853
II.219.Preliminary Objections: Rules of 1926/1931, Article 38854
II.220.Preliminary Objections: Rules of 1936/1946, Article 62861
II.221.Preliminary Objections: The Change of 1972/1978/2000: 1978/2000 Rules, Article 79867
II.222.Isolation of Matters of Jurisdiction by the Court881
II.223.Isolation of Matters of Jurisdiction by the Parties886
II.224.Suspension of Proceedings on the Merits887
II.225.Successive Objections889
II.226.Agreement of the Parties to Defer Objections893
II.227.Priorities of Objections894
II.228.Pre-Judicatory Proceedings897
II.229.Non-Exhaustive Character of Preliminary Objection Proceedings: Pleas in Bar900
II.230.Distinction between Objection and Defence906
II.231.Character of the Decision on Preliminary Objection907
II.232.Disposal of Objections: Rules, Article 79 Paragraph 9911
II.232A.Matters of Jurisdiction in Counter-Claims920
II.233.Matters of Jurisdiction Raised by the Court922
ch. 14 Title Of Jurisdiction 
II.234.Meaning of the Term927
II.236.Validity in Time of the Title of Jurisdiction934
II.237.Retroactive Effect of a Title of Jurisdiction937
II.238.Multiple Titles of Jurisdiction945
II.239.Added Titles of Jurisdiction953
II.240.Successive Titles of Jurisdiction959
II.241.Termination of the Title of Jurisdiction964
II.242.Registration under Charter, Article 102970
ch. 15 Advisory Jurisdiction 
II.243.General Concepts973
II.243A.Facts in Advisory Cases980
II.244.'Any Legal Question'983
II.244A.Abstract Question988
II.245.'Arising within the Scope of [Its] Activities'997
II.246.Court's Discretion1000
II.247.Discretion Based on the Court's Judicial Character1003
II.248.Discretion Based on the Court's Status as a Principal Organ1012
II.249.Jurisdiction in Special Advisory Proceedings1018
II.250.Judicial Interpretation of an Advisory Opinion1027
II.251.Revision of an Advisory Opinion1034
II.252.Treatment of Preliminary Questions in Advisory Proceedings1035
 Volume III Procedure 
ch. 16 Elements Of International Procedural Law 
III.254.Basic Approach1047
III.255.Statute and Rules of Court1054
III.256.Function of the Proceedings1062
III.257.Evidence and the Burden of Proof1065
III.258.Equality of the Parties1079
ch. 17 Bench 
III.259A.Participation of Members of the Court in a Case1088
III.260.Ineligibility and Abstention of a Member of the Court in a Particular Case (Recusal)1089
III.261.Composition of the Bench for a Particular Case1097
III.262.Chambers of the Court1100
III.263.Special Chambers1104
III.264.Ad hoc Chambers1105
III.265.Chamber of Summary Procedure1110
III.266.Concept of Judge ad hoc1111
III.267.Right to Appoint a Judge ad hoc1118
III.268.Qualifications of Judge ad hoc1122
III.269.Parties in the Same Interest1126
III.270.Problem of Imbalance1129
III.271.Non-Appointment of Judge ad hoc1131
III.272.Judge ad hoc in Intervention Cases1132
III.273.Judges ad hoc in Advisory Cases1139
III.274.President of the Bench1142
III.276.Experts Appointed by the Court1149
ch. 18 Representation Of The Parties 
III.278.Agent's Functions1159
III.279.Time for the Appointment of the Agents1162
III.280.Agent's Address for Service1164
III.281.Party's Delegation1165
III.282.Counsel and Advocates1166
III.282A.Eligibility to Be Member of a Delegation1167
III.283.Experts of the Parties1169
III.284.Witnesses Called by a Party1171
III.285.Representatives in Advisory Cases1172
III.286.Representatives: Privileges and Immunities1172
ch. 19 Institution Of Contentious Proceedings 
III.287.Seising of the Court1177
III.288.Requirement of Prior Diplomatic Negotiations1186
III.289.Requirement of Prior Attempt at Arbitration1194
III.290.Exhaustion of Local Remedies1196
III.290A.Exhaustion of Regional Processes1199
III.291.Link of the Dispute with the Title of Jurisdiction1200
III.292.Interest of the Applicant State1203
III.293.Methods of Instituting Proceedings1209
III.294.Notification of Institution of Proceedings1214
III.295.Court's General List1216
III.296.Title of the Case1223
III.297.Notification of Special Agreement1226
III.298.Application Instituting Proceedings1227
III.298A.Amendment of Application1232
III.299.Relations of the Litigating States1235
III.300.Institution of Incidental and Derivative Proceedings1239
ch. 20 Written Proceedings And Related Matters 
III.301.President's Consultations1243
III.302.Joinder of Cases and Hearing in Common1245
III.303.Written Pleadings1256
III.304.Submissions in Written Pleadings1262
III.305A.Counter-Claims: The Court's Law1275
III.306.Pleadings in Incidental Proceedings1280
III.307.Documents in Support1281
III.307A.Authenticity of Documents1286
III.308.Affidavits and Declarations1287
III.309.Language of Written Pleadings1288
III.310.Correction of Errors in a Pleading1290
III.311.Confidentiality of Written Pleadings1290
III.312.Order of the Written Pleadings1294
III.312A.Number of Written Pleadings1296
III.313.Fixing of Time Limits1299
III.314.Case Ready for Hearing1304
III.315.New Documents: Rules, Article 561304
ch. 21 Oral Proceedings 
III.317.Significance of the Oral Proceedings1323
III.318.Date of Oral Proceedings1333
III.319.Preparations in the Registry1336
III.321.Questions to the Parties1344
III.322.Language of Oral Proceedings1345
III.323.Witnesses and Experts1346
III.323A.Witnesses and Experts: Examination1350
III.324.Statute, Article 49: Obtaining Evidence by the Court1365
III.325.Experts Appointed by the Court: Statute, Article 501368
III.326.Witnesses Called by the Court1375
III.327.Submission of Evidence by a Third State1376
III.328.Final Submissions1379
III.329.Closure of the Hearing1381
III.330.Evaluation of Procedure1382
ch. 22 Proceedings In Chambers 
III.331.Invocation of a Standing Chamber1387
III.332.Invocation of an ad hoc Chamber1390
III.333.Procedure in Chambers1394
III.334.Judgment of a Chamber1396
ch. 23 Non-Appearance 
III.335.Failure to Appear before the Court1403
III.336.Non-Appearance and Provisional Measures of Protection1414
III.337.Aspects of Procedure1415
III.338.Resolution of the Institute of International Law1417
ch. 24 Provisional Measures Of Protection 
III.339.Statute, Article 411421
III.339A.Rules of Court1424
III.341.Special Function of the President1438
III.342.Time for the Request1439
III.343.Fresh Request1441
III.345.Duration of Provisional Measures1445
III.346.Case Law1446
III.347.Role of the Security Council1460
III.347A.Possible Misuse of Provisional Measures Procedure1463
 Appendix to Chapter 24 Orders on Provisional Measures1465
ch. 25 Termination Of Proceedings 
III.348.Rules, Articles 88 and 891473
III.349.Removal from the General List1476
III.350.Termination of the Proceedings by the Parties Jointly1477
III.351.Termination of the Proceedings by the Applicant1481
III.352.Discontinuance of Preliminary Objection Proceedings1486
III.353.Discontinuance of Provisional Measures Proceedings1487
III.354.Removal from List by the Court1487
ch. 26 Intervention By Third States 
III.355.Introduction: Statute, Articles 62 and 631489
III.357.San Francisco Conference1495
III.358.Interpretation of Articles 62 and 631496
III.358A.Rules, Article 431507
III.359.Rules of Court 1922 to 19721508
III.360.Rules of Court (1978), Articles 81 to 861511
III.361.Application of the Rules1520
 Article 811520
 Article 821523
 Article 831524
 Article 841525
 Articles 85 and 861525
III.362.Jurisdiction Ratione Personae in Matters of Intervention1527
III.363.Jurisdiction Ratione Materiae in Matters of Intervention1528
III.364.'Incidental' Character of Intervention1529
III.365.Link of Jurisdiction1535
III.366.Non-Party Intervener1549
III.367.Intervention in ad hoc Chamber Proceedings1559
ch. 27 Decision 
III.368.Court's Decision-Making1563
III.370.Authoritative Text: The Court's Bilingualism1577
III.371.Secrecy of the Deliberations1580
III.372.Individual Opinions1583
III.374.Judgment: The Operative Provisions1589
III.375.Judgment: The Reasons in Point of Law: Statute Article 381593
III.376.Statute, Article 38: General Principles of Law1603
III.377.Statute, Article 38, Paragraph 1 (d): Subsidiary Means - Generalities1607
III.377A.Statute, Article 38, Paragraph 1(d): Judicial Decisions1609
III.378.Statute, Article 38, Paragraph 1 (d): Teachings of Publicists1615
III.379.Resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly1617
III.380.Decision ex aequo et bono1619
III.382.Other Decisions1623
III.383.Correction of Errors1623
III.384.Critique of Statements of Law1624
III.385.Statute: Article 591627
III.386.'In Respect of That Particular Case'1635
III.387.Declaratory Judgments1637
III.388.Protective Function of Article 59: The Non-Party State1638
III.389.Inadequacies of Article 591643
III.390.Criticism of Application of Article 591648
III.391.Statute, Article 60: The Res Judicata1657
III.392.Judgment and Third Parties1663
III.393.Preliminary Objection Judgments and Later Phases1665
ch. 28 Interpretation And Revision Of A Judgment 
III.394.General Observations1671
III.395.Interpretation: Statute, Article 601676
III.396.'Final and without Appeal'1680
III.397.Revision: Statute, Article 61 and Rules, Article 991686
ch. 29 Court's Extrajudicial Function 
III.398.Nature of the Practice1695
III.399.International Agreements1701
III.400.Agreements between a Government and a Private Concern1707
III.401.Contracts between Private Concerns1712
III.402.Unilateral Invocation of the Extrajudicial Function1712
ch. 30 Advisory Proceedings 
III.404.Statute, Articles 65 and 66; Rules of Court, Part IV1717
 Rules, Article 1021722
 Rules, Article 1031722
 Rules, Article 1041724
 Rules, Article 1051725
 Rules, Article 1061726
 Rules, Article 1071726
 Rules, Articles 108, 1091727
III.405.Bench: Court and Chambers: Judges ad hoc1727
III.406.Institution of Advisory Proceedings1733
III.407.Accompanying Documents1735
III.408.Right of Participation in Advisory Proceedings1737
III.409.Principal Features of the Advisory Procedure1742
III.410.Hearing in Common of Two Advisory Proceedings1750
III.412.Provisional Measures in Advisory Proceedings1757
III.413.Role of the Secretary-General1759
III.414.Advisory Opinion1762
III.415.Legal Effect of an Advisory Opinion1765
 Appendix to Chapter 30: Participation of States in Advisory Proceedings1773
 Volume IV Basic Documents And Indexes 
 Composition of the Court1775
 Charter of the United Nations1791
 Statute of the Court1827
 Rules of Court 1978-20151845
 Practice Directions1891
 Resolution Concerning the Internal Judicial Practice of the Court1899
 Note for the Parties Concerning the Preparation of Pleadings1905
 Secretary-General's Trust Fund1907
 Table of Cases1913
 Index of Names1935
 Articles of Charter Cited1945
 Articles of Statute Cited1947
 Articles of Rules of 1936/1946 Cited1953
 Articles of Rules of 1978-2005 Cited1955
 General Index1957
Published Leiden ; Boston : BRILL NIJHOFF, [2016]
Edition Fifth edition / by Malcolm N. Shaw QC.
Description 4 volumes (xxxiii, 1,975 pages) ; 25 cm
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Note Revised edition of: The law and practice of the International Court, 1920-2005, 4th edition, 2006
Includes indexes.
Summary The popularity of his monumental and definitive works established Shabtai Rosenne as the undisputed expert on the International Court of Justice's law and practice of his time. Irrefutably the leading work on the court, previous editions of "Rosenne's Law and Practice of the International Court" have influenced generations of legal scholars, practitioners, judges, and students alike. The Fifth Edition, by Malcolm N. Shaw, combines his expertise as both an academic and practitioner to bring this monumental resource up-to-date while retaining Rosenne's distinctive voice, erudition, and rigorous objectives. Preserving Rosenne's focus on the caselaw of the court, the Fifth Edition is supplemented with increased references to the leading academic literature, and, like the Fourth Edition, is divided into four substantive volumes.
Subject International Court of Justice.
International Court of Justice -- History.
International Court of Justice -- Rules and practice.
International courts.
Procedure (Law)
Added Author Shaw, Malcolm N. (Malcolm Nathan), 1947- author.
Uniform Title Law and practice of the international court, 1920-2005
Variant Title Law and practice of the international court, 1920-2015
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