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Author Jiang, Xiaoyi, 1981- author.
蒋小翼, 1981- author.
Title Legal issues for implementing the clean development mechanism in China / Xiaoyi Jiang.
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1.1.Problem Statement1
1.2.Literature Review3
1.3.Purpose and Scope3
1.4.Overview of the Study4
2.What the CDM Is and How It Operates: The CDM in an International Context9
2.2.What Is the CDM?10
2.2.1.Background to the CDM10
2.2.2.The CDM and Other Two Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms18
2.2.3.Rationale for the CDM20
2.3.How Does the CDM Operate?23
2.3.1.CDM Modalities and Procedures24
2.3.2.CDM Project Size32
2.3.3.CDM Approach33
2.4.Assessment of the CDM35
2.4.1.Achievements of the CDM35
2.4.2.Pitfalls of the CDM43
2.4.3.Key Factors Influencing the Success of the CDM47
3.The CDM in China53
3.2.Climate Change Issues in China54
3.2.1.The Impact of Climate Change in China54
3.2.2.China's Capacity for Addressing Global Warming in a Domestic Context58
3.2.3.China's Position on Climate Change Issues in an International Context67
3.3.Benefits of Implementing the CDM in China68
3.3.1.Environmental Aspects68
3.3.2.Economic Aspects69
3.3.3.Social Aspects71
3.3.4.International Status Aspects71
3.4.CDM Projects in China72
3.4.1.The Development of CDM Projects in China72
3.4.2.China's CDM Market77
3.4.3.Management of the CDM in China79
3.4.4.CDM Awareness in China81
3.4.5.Assessment of the CDM Performance in China82
3.5.Barriers to CDM Projects in China85
3.5.1.Barriers at an International Level85
3.5.2.Barriers at a National Level86
3.5.3.Barriers at a Project Level89
4.Legal Issues for Implementing CDM Projects in China93
4.2.How to Implement CDM Projects in China94
4.2.1.Legal Requirements for CDM Projects in China94
4.2.2.Key Legal Entities Involved in CDM Projects in China95
4.2.3.Legal Steps in Developing CDM Projects in China97
4.2.4.Regulation Concerning the Proceeds of CDM Projects in China99
4.3.CDM-Related Legal Frameworks in China99
4.3.1.Climate Change Policy in China99
4.3.2.Existing Legislative Framework Supporting the CDM105
4.4.Enforcement of the CDM-Related Laws and Regulations in China121
4.4.1.Institutional Framework of Enforcing the CDM-Related Laws and Regulations in China121
4.4.2.Enforcement Measures of the CDM-Related Laws and Regulations128
4.4.3.Analysis of the Enforcement of the CDM-Related Laws and Regulations in China130
4.5.Research on Legal Issues for Implementing CDM Projects in China134
4.5.1.Legal Relationships Involved in Implementing CDM Projects in China134
4.5.2.CDM-Related Contracts140
4.5.3.Assessment of Key Legal Issues for Implementing CDM Projects in China147
4.6.Exploring Potential Risks Arising from Implementing CDM Projects Under the Legal Frameworks in China155
4.6.1.Potential Risks at Different CDM Project Development Stages156
4.6.2.General Risks in CDM Development in China161
5.The CDM in China in the Post-2012 Era167
5.2.The CDM in the Post-2012 Period168
5.2.1.The Proposal Under the UN for the Post-2012 Period168
5.2.2.Other High-Level Meetings173
5.2.3.The Tendencies of an International Climate Policy for the Post-2012 Era175
5.2.4.The Fate of the CDM in the Post-2012 Regime178
5.3.China in the Post-2012 Period180
5.3.1.China's Position on the Post-2012 Regime181
5.3.2.Other Major Countries' Positions on the Post-2012 Regime181
5.3.4.What Will the Post-2012 Regime Bring for China?187
5.4.The Impact of the CDM on China Beyond 2012189
5.4.1.Implications of Implementing the CDM Beyond 2012 for China189
5.4.2.Limitations of the CDM in Promoting Sustainable Development in China Beyond 2012190
6.A Comparative Study on the Implementation of CDM Projects in India197
6.2.The CDM in India198
6.2.1.Climate Change Issues in India198
6.2.2.Implementing CDM Projects in India206
6.2.3.India Beyond 2012225
6.3.A Comparative Study226
6.4.What Can Be Learned from India228
7.Conclusion and Recommendations: How Provide for Better Implementation of the CDM in China?233
7.2.Improving the Implementation of CDM Projects in China234
7.2.1.General Requirements for Improving CDM Projects in China234
7.2.2.Managing Risks Throughout the Implementation of CDM Projects in China236
7.2.3.Overcoming Barriers to the Implementation of CDM Projects in China238
7.3.Dealing with the Limitations of the CDM in Promoting Sustainable Development in China243
7.4.Meeting the Challenges in the Post-2012 Period248
7.5.Enhancing the Enforcement of Climate Change-Related Legislation256
7.6.Further Investigation257
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Subject Sustainable development -- Law and legislation -- China.
Sustainable development -- Environmental aspects -- China.
Carbon dioxide mitigation -- Law and legislation -- China.
Global warming -- Government policy -- China.
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992 May 9). Protocols, etc. (1997 December 11)
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