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Title A legal guide to doing business in the Asia-Pacific [microform] / Albert Vincent Y. Yu Chang and Andrew H. Thorson, editors.
 About the Editorsxxxi
 About the Authorsxxxiii
ch. 1 Legal Aspect of Doing Business in Asia: An Overview / Craig N. Meurlin1
 Role of the Law2
 Role of the Lawyer3
 Preparation and Timing5
 Due Diligence6
 Intellectual Property7
 Dispute Resolution/Enforcement7
 Employment Issues8
 Currency Issues8
 Tax Issues9
 Export/Import Issues9
 Government Affairs9
 Concluding Thoughts10
ch. 2 Australia / Christian Geisweld11
 Country Overview11
 Business Presence in Australia12
 Business Structures12
 Joint Venture13
 Registration and Licensing13
 Foreign Investments14
 Approval and Registration14
 Tax Incentives14
 Sensitive Sectors15
 Urban Land15
 Civil Aviation15
 Metals and Mining16
 Banking and Financial Services16
 Foreign Government Investments17
 Operational Issues17
 Contracts and Documents17
 Key Elements17
 Legal Infirmities18
 False Inducement18
 Restrictions on Penalties18
 Restrictions on Dealing with Third Parties18
 Limitations and Exclusions of Liability18
 Labor and Employment18
 Employment Agreements19
 Workplace Agreements19
 Industrial Awards19
 Federal Employment Standards20
 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)22
 Export and Import Regulations25
 Importing Goods25
 Exporting Goods27
 Real Estate28
 General Law System and Torrens Title System28
 Leasehold Interests in Land29
 Native Title29
 Other Interests29
 Foreign Investments30
 Anticompetitive Conduct and Consumer Protection30
 Consumer Protection31
 Product Liability32
 Intellectual Property32
 Circuit Layouts34
 Confidential Information34
 Transfer and Licensing Agreements35
 Income Tax36
 Medicare Levy37
 Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)37
 Goods and Services Tax (GST)37
 Superannuation Guarantee and Employer's Withholding Tax (PAYE)38
 Workers' Compensation and Payroll Tax38
 Stamp Duty38
 Land Tax38
 Transfer Pricing38
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution39
 Court System39
 Foreign Litigants39
 Alternative Dispute Resolution40
 Exit Strategy41
ch. 3 China / James M. Zimmerman45
 Country Overview45
 Legal Institutions46
 Business Presence in China48
 Business Structures48
 Representative Office49
 Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE)49
 Joint Venture49
 Foreign Direct Investment51
 Business Scope and Authorization51
 Registered Capital and Total Investment51
 Approval Procedures and Standards51
 Foreign Investment Guidelines52
 Mergers and Acquisitions52
 Operational Issues55
 Contractual Relations and Negotiating Agreements55
 Labor and Employment Laws57
 Financial Regulations and Currency Controls58
 Securities Regulations59
 Import and Export Regulations61
 Intellectual Property64
 Customs Enforcement68
 Land Use and Real Estate Development68
 Environmental Compliance72
 Special Zones74
 Dispute Resolution75
 Litigation and Claims75
 Mediation and Arbitration76
 Exit Strategies78
ch. 4 Hong Kong / Simon M.Y. Chan87
 Country Overview87
 Economic Indicators88
 Government and Legal System88
 Business Presence in Hong Kong88
 Representative Office88
 Branch Office89
 Hong Kong Company89
 Unincorporated Business Structures90
 Mergers and Acquisitions90
 Operational Issues90
 Contractual Relations and Consumer Protection90
 Labor and Employment92
 Employment Laws92
 Employment Contracts93
 Terms of Employment, Working Conditions, and Benefits93
 Labor Relations and Disputes95
 Work Permits for Foreign Workers96
 Taxation and Transfer Pricing97
 Income Taxes97
 Withholding Taxes97
 Other Taxes97
 Double Taxation97
 Transfer Pricing97
 Customs and Excise Taxes98
 Intellectual Property Rights98
 Confidential Information103
 Others Issues103
 Land Use and Real Estate103
 Ownership of Land103
 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance106
 Securities and Futures Markets106
 Bankruptcy, Reorganization, and Liquidation106
 Dispute Resolution108
ch. 5 India / Joseph E. Tornberg115
 Country Overview115
 Geography and Demographics115
 Economic Indicators116
 Government and Legal System117
 Business Presence in India117
 Business Structures117
 Incorporated Entity118
 Unincorporated Entity118
 Business Formation118
 Incorporation of a Company118
 Formation of a Joint Venture119
 Establishment of a Branch Office, Liaison Office, or Project Office119
 Industrial Licensing120
 Mergers and Acquisitions120
 Antitrust Regulation121
 Foreign Investments122
 Investment Outlook122
 Types of Investments122
 Investment Routes123
 Regulatory Framework123
 Foreign Direct Investment123
 Foreign Portfolio Investment124
 Foreign Venture Capital Investment124
 Restrictions on Foreign Investments124
 Incentives for Foreign Investments125
 Export-Oriented Units125
 Special Economic Zones125
 Operational Issues126
 Contracts and Negotiations126
 Statutory Framework126
 Practical Considerations127
 Labor and Employment127
 Immigration, Visas, and Other Permits128
 Visas on Arrival128
 Business Visas128
 Work Permits128
 Hiring by Foreign Nationals128
 Permanent Residency and Citizenship129
 Restricted Areas129
 Import, Export, and Tariff Regulations129
 Import and Export129
 Tariff Regulations129
 Financial Regulation and Exchange Control130
 Securities and Capital Markets130
 Securitization, Asset Reconstruction, and Security Enforcement131
 Securitization and Reconstruction131
 Security Enforcement132
 Real Property and Land Use132
 Framework for Acquisition of Property132
 Restrictions on Foreign Ownership of Land133
 Acquisition of Immovable Property by Nonresidents133
 Foreign Direct Investment in Real Estate133
 Taxation, Tax Treaties, and Transfer Pricing133
 Income Tax134
 Dividend Distribution Tax134
 Minimum Alternate Tax134
 Capital Gains Tax134
 Taxation on Know-How Fees135
 Tax Incentives135
 Taxation Treaties135
 Transfer Pricing135
 Environmental Laws and Regulations137
 Intellectual Property138
 Data Protection and Privacy140
 Dispute Resolution140
 Court System140
 Alternative Dispute Resolution141
 Enforcement of Foreign Decrees, Awards, and Judgments142
 Exit Strategies: Repatriation of Investments and Profits143
ch. 6 Indonesia / Nini N. Halim149
 Country Overview149
 Geography and Demographics150
 Economic Indicators150
 Government and Legal System151
 Business Presence in Indonesia153
 Business Entities, in General153
 Limited Liability Companies153
 The 2007 Company Law154
 Mergers and Acquisitions155
 Documents and Procedures155
 Acquisition Documents and Procedures156
 Acquisition by a Foreign Company156
 Important Matters Relating to M&A157
 Licenses and Permits157
 Company Dissolution158
 Foreign Investment159
 Elements of the Investment Law159
 Issues for Foreign Investors160
 Investment Registration160
 Contract of Work160
 Holding Companies160
 Mechanics of Company Formation161
 Investor Restrictions and the Negative List161
 Investment Restrictions161
 Ownership Restrictions162
 Tax Incentives162
 Import Relief162
 Tax Facilities162
 Export Manufacturing163
 Bonded Zones163
 Operational Issues163
 Contractual Relations and Negotiations163
 Labor Laws163
 Rights and Obligations of Labor and Employer164
 Labor Wages164
 Protection for Women, Children, and Disabled Workers164
 Rules for Foreign Workers165
 Labor Dispute Settlement165
 Capital Markets166
 Institutions and Regulations166
 Participation of Foreign Investors in the Indonesian Capital Market166
 Financial Regulations and Currency Controls168
 Bank Indonesia168
 Currency Controls168
 Corporate Income Tax169
 Capital Gains170
 Distribution of Profit170
 Individual Income Tax170
 Value-Added Tax171
 Land and Building Tax171
 Stamp Duty172
 Tax Disputes172
 Intellectual Property173
 Trade Secrets175
 Real Property175
 Environmental Law177
 Applicable Definitions177
 Right to Manage Company Under Bankruptcy Status178
 Anti-Monopoly Law179
 Prohibited Contracts179
 Abuse of Dominant Position180
 Dispute Settlement181
 Private and Civil Litigation181
 Procedures Generally181
 Burden of Proof182
 Alternative Dispute Resolution182
ch. 7 Japan / Andrew H. Thorson189
 Country Overview189
 Geography and Demographics189
 Economic Indicators; Market Data190
 Government and Legal System190
 Business Presence in Japan190
 Business Structures190
 Unregistered Representative Offices191
 Branch Offices191
 Joint Ventures192
 Contractual Strategic Alliances193
 Registration and Incorporation Procedure195
 Branch Office195
 Corporate Subsidiary (Kabushiki Kaisha)196
 LLC Subsidiary (Godo Kaisha)196
 Licensing and Permits197
 Mergers and Acquisitions197
 Foreign Investments: Opportunities, Incentives, and Restrictions198
 Foreign Direct Investment Reporting to the Bank of Japan198
 Prior Notification Cases198
 Post Facto Notification Cases198
 Regional Incentives for Foreign Investment199
 Restricted Industries199
 Operational Issues199
 Contracts, Documents, and Negotiations199
 Essential Elements199
 Notary Concept200
 Labor and Employment200
 Overview of Labor Practices200
 Wage and Contract Issues201
 Other Labor Issues203
 Immigration and Employment-Based Visas204
 Alien Registration204
 Intellectual Property204
 Trade Secrets211
 Export and Import Regulations; Transfer Pricing212
 Customs Administration212
 Tariff Rates212
 Import Prohibitions and Licenses212
 Export Regulations213
 Transfer Pricing214
 Real Estate and Property214
 Foreign Ownership of Real Estate214
 Regulations of Land Use214
 Transfers of Real Property214
 Registration of Real Property Interests214
 Ownership and Use Rights214
 Security Interests in Real Property214
 Environmental Laws and Regulations215
 Legal Framework215
 Taxation and Tax Treaties215
 Types of Corporate Taxes215
 Consumption Taxes216
 Tax Treaties217
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution217
 Conciliation Overseen by a Court (Chotei)218
 Statutory Conciliation (Chotei or Assen)218
 Private Conciliation (Wakai)218
 Arbitration (Chusai)218
 Court System218
 Market Exit Strategy and Dissolution220
 Closure of a Branch Office220
 Dissolution and Liquidation of a Subsidiary Company220
 Dissolution and Liquidation of Limited Liability Partnerships221
 Appendix A227
ch. 8 Malaysia / Lee Mun Yi231
 Country Overview231
 Geography and Demographics231
 Legal System233
 Business Presence in Malaysia233
 Business Entities in General: Local Options233
 Incorporation Procedure235
 Other Vehicles for Foreign Investments: Procedure and Mechanics236
 Branch Office of Foreign Company236
 Joint Venture237
 Merger with Malaysian Company237
 Representative Office238
 Foreign Investments239
 Favored Industries for Foreign Investment239
 Policies on Foreign Equity Investments239
 Requirement for Licenses and Permits for Foreign Investment240
 Incentives to Encourage Foreign Investment241
 Operational Issues242
 Contractual Relations and Negotiations242
 Labor and Employment243
 Immigration and Employment of Expatriates244
 Currency Control/Financial Regulations244
 Securities and Securitization245
 Export and Import Regulations245
 Intellectual Property245
 Trade Marks246
 Industrial Designs246
 Layout Designs/Integrated Circuit246
 Confidential Information247
 Real Estate and Property247
 Environmental Laws and Regulations249
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution249
 Court System250
 Enforcement of Foreign Judgment251
 Market Exit Strategy and Dissolution252
 Branch Office of Foreign Company252
 Locally Incorporated Company253
 Handling of Assets and Claims253
ch. 9 Pakistan / Naz Toosy261
 Country Overview261
 Geography and Demographics261
 Economic Indicators262
 Major Industries262
 Government and Legal System262
 Parliament and Federal Government262
 Provincial Governments263
 Legal System263
 Business Presence in Pakistan263
 Business Structures263
 Locally Incorporated Company263
 Branch Office264
 Liaison Office264
 Locally Incorporated Companies264
 Branch Office265
 Licensing and Permits267
 Specialized Businesses267
 General Business267
 Unincorporated Business Organizations267
 Mergers and Acquisitions: Anti-Competition267
 Premerger Application268
 Criteria for Review of Application268
 Two-Phase Review268
 Other Exemptions269
 Complaints about Merger Situations269
 Foreign Investments: Opportunities, Incentives, and Restrictions269
 Foreign Investment Protection Laws269
 Operational Issues271
 Contracts and Negotiations271
 Void Contracts271
 Formal Requirements271
 Labor and Employment272
 Industrial Relations Act 2008272
 Shops and Establishments Ordinance272
 Industrial and Commercial Employment273
 Other Labor Laws273
 Immigration and Work Visas275
 Business Visa275
 Work Visa276
 Export and Import Regulations; Transfer Pricing277
 Currency Control/Financial Regulations277
 Foreign Exchange Regulation277
 Securities Regulations277
 Intellectual Property278
 Registered Designs278
 Real Estate and Property279
 Purchase of Property279
 Rental Properties280
 Taxation and Tax Treaties280
 Income Taxation281
 Capital Value Tax282
 Sales Tax283
 Tax Treaties283
 Environmental Laws283
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution284
 Market Exit Strategy and Dissolution284
 By the Court284
 Subject to the Supervision of the Court285
ch. 10 Philippines / Y. Yu Chang287
 Country Overview287
 Geography and Demographics288
 Economic Indicators288
 Government and Legal System289
 Business Presence in the Philippines289
 Business Structures289
 Representative Office289
 Regional Headquarters289
 Incorporated or Acquired Corporation290
 Contractual Joint Ventures290
 Formation and Licensing291
 Foreign Investments: Opportunities, Incentives, and Restrictions292
 Industries Encouraged and Negative Lists292
 Economic Zones293
 Operational Issues294
 Contracts and Documents294
 Labor and Employment295
 Labor Standards295
 Labor Relations296
 Immigration and Naturalization296
 Financial Regulations297
 Export and Import Regulations299
 Kinds of Goods299
 Customs Duties299
 Transfer Pricing: Customs Versus Taxation300
 Customs Duties300
 National Taxes300
 Intellectual Property300
 Real Estate303
 Secured Transactions303
 Taxation and Tax Treaties304
 Income Tax305
 Tax on Branch Profit Remittances305
 Tax on Dividends305
 Value-Added Tax305
 Percentage Tax305
 Documentary Stamp Tax305
 Capital Gains305
 International Aspects306
 Special Industries306
 Retail Trade307
 Infrastructure Development308
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution308
 Market Exit Strategy and Dissolution309
 Appendix A312
ch. 11 Singapore / Shari Rasanayagam315
 Country Overview315
 Business Presence in Singapore316
 Business Structures316
 Representative Office317
 Branch of a Foreign Company317
 Licensing and Permits318
 Foreign Investments318
 Restricted Industries319
 Operational Issues320
 Contracts, Documents, and Negotiations320
 Requisites of a Valid Contract320
 Challenges to the Validity or Enforceability of Contracts320
 Labor, Employment, and Immigration321
 Mandatory Maternity and Childcare Benefits322
 Central Provident Fund Contributions322
 Industrial Relations Act322
 Termination of the Employment Contract323
 Post-Termination Obligations323
 Export and Import Regulations324
 Trade Agreements324
 Transfer Pricing325
 Financial Regulations and Currency Control325
 Securities and Securitization327
 Intellectual Property328
 Real Estate and Property---Restrictions Against Foreign Investment330
 Taxation and Tax Treaties331
 Personal Income Tax331
 Corporate Tax331
 Capital Gains Tax332
 Property Tax332
 Goods and Services Tax332
 Stamp Duty333
 Estate Duty333
 Withholding Tax333
 Double Tax Treaties and Their Key Elements333
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution334
 Overview of Litigation System334
 Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore334
 Market Exit Strategy and Dissolution335
ch. 12 South Korea / Jangwon Seo341
 Country Overview341
 Geography and Demographics341
 Economic Indicators342
 Government and Legal System343
 Business Presence in South Korea344
 Business Structures344
 Representative Offices344
 Joint Ventures345
 Incorporation Procedure345
 Merger, Consolidation, or Business Transfer346
 Foreign Investments: Opportunities and Incentives346
 Operational Issues347
 Labor and Employment347
 Termination and Layoffs347
 Mandatory Insurance and Severance Pay348
 Prohibition Against Discrimination348
 Restrictions on Fixed-Term Employment348
 Labor Unions348
 Immigration and Work Visas349
 Financial Regulations on Foreign Exchange349
 Securities and Capital Markets349
 Financial Investment Services and Capital Market Act349
 Primary Market Regulation350
 Secondary Market Regulation351
 Export and Import Regulations351
 Customs Procedures351
 Intellectual Property Law352
 Overview of IP Protection352
 Process for Procuring IP Protection354
 Enforcement and Licensing of IP Rights354
 Real Estate and Real Property355
 Distinction Between Structure and Underlying Land355
 Title Registration System355
 Foreigner's Acquisition of Real Estate356
 Environmental Laws and Regulations356
 Principles of Liability357
 Obligations of Owners, Manufacturers, and Importers357
 Environmental Impact357
 Special Issues in Business Succession358
 Tax Implications of Doing Business in Korea358
 Tax Issues for Nonresidents with Domestic Source Income359
 Tax Audit and Appeal Process359
 Special Issues360
 E-Commerce and Protection of Personal Information in Electronic Form360
 Product Liability361
 Competition Law362
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution364
 Overview of the Korean Judiciary System364
 Civil Litigation Process364
 Administrative Action364
 Constitutional Action364
 Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation365
 Arbitration and Mediation365
 Enforcement of Foreign Judgments366
 Market Exit Strategy366
ch. 13 Taiwan / Louis I-Che Hsieh369
 Country Overview369
 Geography and Demographics369
 Economic Indicators370
 Government and Legal System370
 Business Presence in Taiwan370
 Representative Office370
 Branch Office371
 Subsidiaries: Limited Company and Company Limited by Shares371
 Incorporation Procedures373
 Mergers and Acquisitions374
 Foreign Investment Incentives and Restrictions374
 Investment Incentives374
 Investment Restrictions376
 Government Subsidies for Special Industries376
 Operational Issues in Taiwan377
 Contracts and Negotiations377
 Labor and Employment378
 Mandatory Employee Benefits378
 Work Permits and Visas for Foreign Workers379
 Required Qualifications for a Foreigner to Work in Taiwan380
 Procedures to Obtain Work Permits380
 Import and Export381
 Application to Export/Import381
 Custom Duties and Taxes381
 Customs Valuation381
 Alternative Methods of Valuing Imported Goods382
 Duty Exemption383
 Customs Duty Refunds383
 Trade Agreements and Treaty383
 Trading Between Taiwan and Mainland China384
 Trade Remedies385
 Quality Standards and Labeling Requirements385
 Securities and Securitization385
 Regulatory Authorities385
 Principal Laws Regulating the Securities Markets386
 Application Procedures for Listing386
 Application Procedures for Foreign Issuers386
 Listing Requirements387
 Requirements of Listed Companies387
 Public and Private Offerings, Distinguished388
 Financial Regulations and Currency Controls388
 Intellectual Property and Establishment of New IP Courts389
 Trademarks, Applications, and Infringement389
 Patent Applications and Infringement390
 Copyright Registration and Infringement391
 Real Estate and Property391
 Scope of Real Estate391
 Restrictions on Real Estate Rights392
 Application and Use of Land393
 Land Registration393
 Taxes Relating to Real Estate394
 Income Tax395
 Business Income Tax396
 Business Tax396
 Value-Added Tax396
 GBRT or Non-VAT Tax396
 Environmental Laws397
 Environmental Policies397
 Controlling Industrial Pollution397
 Soil and Groundwater Pollution397
 Water Pollution397
 Air Pollution397
 Penalties for Violation397
 Waste Disposal397
 Fair Trade Law and Fair Trade Commission398
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution398
 Available Remedies399
 Mediation and Settlement401
 Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards402
 Enforcement of Foreign Judgments402
 Enforcement of Arbitral Awards402
 Market Exit Strategy and Dissolution403
ch. 14 Thailand / Kyung-Jin Lee409
 Country Overview409
 Commonly Used Business Entities410
 Company Limited410
 Branch, Representative Office, and Regional Office410
 Registration and Official Fees411
 Company Registration Procedure412
 Company Registration Process413
 Foreign Investments: Opportunities and Restrictions415
 Regulated Activities415
 Foreign Business License Application416
 Acceptance by the MOC Official416
 Review by the Committee416
 Nominee Shareholders417
 Special Incentives Available to U.S. Investors417
 Capital Requirements418
 Potential Treaty Termination418
 Board of Investment Incentives Available to Foreign Investors418
 BOI Benefits419
 Tax Incentives419
 Reduction of or Exemption from Customs Duties420
 Foreign Ownership of Land420
 Issuance of Work Permits and Visas420
 Operating as a Foreign Company420
 Promoted Activities420
 Promotion Zones420
 Application Process421
 Terms and Conditions421
 Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Incentives422
 Real Estate: Foreign Ownership of Land422
 Condominium Ownership422
 Ratio of Foreign Ownership423
 Land Ownership by Foreign Companies423
 Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)424
 Board of Investment (BOI)424
 Title Search424
 Long-Term Leases425
 Tax Treaties and Withholding Taxes425
 Business Profits427
 Common Transactions427
 Labor and Employment428
 Employment Contracts and Minimum Statutory Entitlements429
 Intellectual Property429
 Litigation and Dispute Resolution431
 Civil Litigation Procedures431
 Alternative Dispute Resolution431
 Reorganization and Market Exit Strategy432
 Voluntary Liquidation432
ch. 15 Vietnam / Gregory Crovo439
 Country Overview439
 Geography and Demographics439
 Economic Indicators440
 Government and Legal System440
 Foreign Investments442
 Investment Vehicles442
 100 Percent Foreign-Owned Enterprise443
 Joint-Venture Enterprise (JVE)443
 Contract-Based Vehicle443
 Investment Certificate and Other Licenses443
 Conditional Industry Sectors446
 WTO Schedule of Commitments and Requirements447
 Import and Export Rights448
 Encouraged Industry Sectors449
 Investment Incentives449
 Business Presence in Vietnam449
 Types of Business Entities450
 Limited Liability Company450
 Shareholding Company452
 Private Enterprise454
 Other Structures454
 Licensing Procedure for Business Registration454
 Enterprises Under the Law on Enterprises454
 Representative Office and Branch Under Commercial Law456
 Mergers and Acquisitions457
 Operational Issues458
 Contracts and Negotiations458
 Labor and Employment459
 Labor Contracts459
 Collective Labor Agreements459
 Work Hours459
 Minimum Wage459
 Social and Health Insurance460
 Expatriate Staff460
 Labor Unions460
 Export and Import Regulations461
 Currency Control and Financial Regulations461
 Bank Accounts461
 Foreign Exchange Regulations462
 Securities and Investment Funds462
 Corporate Income Tax463
 Value-Added Tax463
 Special Consumption Tax463
 Import and Export Duties463
 Personal Income Tax464
 Transfer Pricing464
 Tax Treaties465
 Dispute Resolution465
 Arbitration and Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution465
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