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Title Cross-border execution of judgements involving deprivation of liberty in the EU : overcoming legal and practical problems through flanking measures / Gert Vermeulen ... [et al.].
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 Acronyms and abbreviations11
 Executive summary15
1.Introduction and background to the study21
2.Methodology and approach23
2.1.Data gathering24
2.1.1.Legal framework24 legal framework24 legal framework24 points of contacts25 legal framework questionnaire25
2.1.2.The situation in practice26's perspectives27's questionnaire27 with practitioners28 research28
2.2.Validation - conferences and symposia29
3.International legal framework31
3.2.Index of legal instruments and documents31
3.2.1.Legally binding international instruments/documents and their ratification status31 Nations31 of Europe32 Union35
3.2.2.Non-binding international instruments/documents35 Nations35 of Europe36
3.2.3.Link with the legal framework questionnaire37
3.3.Expulsion and the transfer of prisoners37
3.3.1.International legal framework governing expulsions37 of movement and residence37 on deportation and expulsion39 status40 the risk of legal exposure40
3.3.2.Legal instruments concerning the transfer of prisoners42 criminality43 conversion43 of the subject and levels of consent required45
4.Problem analysis47
4.1.Social rehabilitation47
4.1.2.Minors and people with mental disorders and/or addictions48
4.1.3.Dickson v The United Kingdom48
4.1.4.Survey data50 framework50 that are specifically related to the 'progression principle'50 related to the strengthening of ties with friends and family50 specifically related to educational, recreational, work/training and welfare programmes52 views53
4.2.Knowledge and (access to) information56
4.2.1.Survey data56 lack of knowledge56 lack of information56
4.3.Material detention conditions58
4.3.1.Respecting prisoners fundamental rights58
4.3.2.European Court of Human Rights58 for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment59 Prison Rules60 of Article 3 ECHR61 facilities62 care62
4.3.3.Survey data63 framework63 related to fundamental rights in general63 related to prison overcrowding64 related to sanitation facilities, clothing, bedding and nutrition65 related to health care65 standards that could relate to Article 3 ECHR67' views69
4.3.4.Conclusion70 for concern70 for a good operation of the Framework Decision70
4.4.Double criminality, sentencing equivalence and sentence execution71
4.4.1.Double criminality71
4.4.2.Sentencing equivalence72
4.4.3.Sentence execution72 of the executing state as a baseline72ó v Sweden as a correction to the baseline73
4.4.4.Survey data75 framework75 variations in Member States' sentence execution modalities75 variations in Member States' early/conditional release, earned remission and suspension of sentence provisions75' views76 criminality and sentencing equivalence76 execution77
4.5.Involving the sentenced person in the transfer process79
4.5.1.A compulsory system79
4.5.2.No procedural safeguards80
4.5.3.Survey data81
4.5.4.Nature of competent authorities82
4.5.5.Article 6 ECHR82
5.Flanking measures85
5.1.Enhancing knowledge and (access to) information85
5.1.1.Implementation handbook, training and monitoring85
5.1.2.Access to information86
5.2.Protection of prisoners' (fundamental) rights by improving material detention conditions87
5.2.1.Training and best practice promotion related to material detention conditions88
5.2.2.Increasing the frequency of CPT inspections88
5.2.3.Introducing binding European minimum standards89 competence90 analysis91 analysis93
5.3.Addressing problems related to double criminality, sentencing equivalence and sentence execution94
5.3.1.Maintaining the double criminality requirement95
5.3.2.Approximation and lex mitior to safeguard sentencing equivalence96
5.3.3.Approximation and lex mitior to support sentence execution99
5.4.Improving prisoners' procedural rights103
5.4.1.Introducing a motivational duty for issuing states103
5.4.2.Right to an 'informed' opinion104
5.4.3.Right to a judicial review104
5.4.4.Right to legal assistance104
5.4.5.Obligation to appoint judicial bodies as competent authorities?105
7.Annex 1 National legal framework questionnaire: results and analysis111
7.2.Material detention conditions112
7.2.1.Question overview - commitments arising from international legal instruments/documents and/or European Court of Human Rights' jurisprudence112
7.2.2.EU and Member State level compliance123 level - overview table123 level - compliance analysis128 overview128 principles129 of imprisonment129
7, order131 and staff132 and monitoring132 prisoners133 State level - compliance analysis134 table and analysis134 analysis136
7.2.3.SPOC comments232
7.3.Sentence execution modalities236
7.4.Early/conditional release , earned remission and suspension of sentence240
7.4.2.Analysis252 release252 remission252 of further execution of a prison sentence252
8.Annex 2 Practitioners questionnaire: results and analysis255
8.2.Social rehabilitation255
8.3.Fundamental Rights266
8.3.2.Analysis278 comments279
8.4.Offence and sentencing equivalence/sentence execution281
8.5.Flanking measures288
8.5.2.Analysis300 comments301
8.6.1.Interview with a competent authority representative304
8.6.2.Interview with a European Judicial Body representative305
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IRCP-series ; v. 40.
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Subject Prisoners -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- European Union countries.
Imprisonment -- European Union countries.
Repatriation -- European Union countries.
Judicial assistance -- European Union countries.
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