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Title World Court digest / prepared in the [Max Planck] Institute [for Comparative Public Law and International Law] by Rainer Hofmann ... [et al.].

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I.Substantive International Law -- First Part 
1.The Foundations Of International Law1
1.1.Good Faith1
1.3.Estoppel and Acquiescence6
2.Sources Of International Law7
2.1.General Questions 
*2.1.1.Formation of Rules of International Law 
*2.1.2.Historic Rights 
*2.1.3.Rules of International Law of Regional and Local Application 
2.1.4.Ius cogens7
2.1.5.Relation between the Sources of International Law9
2.2.Customary International Law15
2.2.1.Formation of Customary International Law15
2.2.2.Evidence of Customary International Law22
*2.4.General Principles of Law 
2.5.Unilateral Acts24
3.International Law And Municipal Law27
4.Subjects Of International Law28
4.1.General Questions 
*4.2.1.Jurisdiction of States 
4.2.4.Fundamental Rights and Obligations28
* Settlement of Disputes31
* of Cooperation and Negotiation 
4.2.5.Succession of States32
4.3.International Organisations32
*4.3.1.General Questions 
*4.3.2.Legal Position of Member States 
*4.3.3.Internal Law 
4.3.4."Implied Powers"32
*4.4.Other Subjects of International Law 
5.The United Nations33
*5.1.General Questions 
5.2.General Assembly33
*5.3.Security Council 
*5.5.Other Organs 
5.6.Interpretation of the Charter34
*5.7.Maintenance of International Peace and Security 
*5.8.Specialized Agencies 
5.9.United Nations Administrative Tribunal37
6.Use Of Force And Related Problems40
6.1.Use of Force40
6.2.Self defence48
7.Law Of Treaties69
*7.1.General Questions 
*7.5.Suspension and Termination 
7.7.Specific Treaties73
7.7.1.Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations of 194676
7.7.2.Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance of 194777
7.7.3.Geneva Convention on the Protection of Victims of War of 194978
7.7.4.Treaty of Friendship Commerce and Navigation of 1956 between the United States and Nicaragua79
8.Violations Of International Law And Responsibility Of States85
8.1.General Questions85
*8.2.Violation of International Law 
8.3.Treaty Violations85
*8.5.Fault and due Diligence 
*8.7.Violation of Duty to Prevent Damage 
*8.8.Circumstances Precluding Wrongfulness 
II.Substantive International Law -- Second Part 
1.Territory Of States92
*1.1.Acquisition and Loss 
1.2.1.Land Boundaries92
*1.2.2.Maritime Boundaries 
*1.2.3.Air and Space 
1.2.4.Principle of "uti possidetis"95
2.Law Of The Sea99
2.1.General Questions99
2.2.Determination of Maritime Boundaries100
2.3.Freedom of Navigation100
3.Air And Space Law 
5.1.General Questions 
5.2.Acquisition and Loss 
5.3.Diplomatic Protection 
7.Law Of Aliens104
7.1.General Questions104
7.2.Protection of Property105
8.Human Rights107
9.Law Of Armed Conflicts108
10.Dispute Settlement111
*11.Diplomacy And Consular Matters 
12.International Economic Law115
*13.International Environmental Law 
III.The International Court of Justice 
1.Fundamental Principles117
1.1.General Questions117
1.2.Consent of States118
1.3.Equality of Parties119
1.4.Political Questions/Determination of the Existence of a Dispute120
*1.5.Ius standi 
1.6.Applicable Law128
1.7.Jura novit curia129
2.The Jurisdiction Of The International Court Of Justice130
2.1.General Rules130
2.2.Conditions for a Decision on the Merits133
2.2.1.Exhaustion of Local Remedies133
2.2.2.Necessity of Diplomatic Negotiations138
2.2.3.Jurisdiction in Case of Continuing Negotiations between the Parties140
2.3.The Optional Clause 
2.3.1.General Questions 
*2.3.2.Transfer of Acceptances of the Compulsory Jurisdiction of the Permanent Court of International Justice (Article 36, Paragraph 5, of the Statue of the International Court of Justice) 
*2.3.4.Interpretation of a Declaration made under Article 36, Paragraph 5, of the Statute 
2.4.Jurisdiction on the Basis of a Special Agreement162
2.5.Jurisdiction on the Basis of Treaties164
2.5.1.General Questions164
*2.5.2.Transfer of Competences of the Permanent Court of International Justice 
2.5.3.Specific Treaties165
2.6.Agreement in Regard to Jurisdiction in the Course of the Proceedings 
2.7.Concurring Jurisdictions 
3.The Procedure Of The International Court Of Justice171
*3.1.General Questions 
3.2.Procedure before a Chamber Dealing with a Particular Case (Article 26, Paragraph 2, of the Statute)171
3.3.Judges ad hoc189
*3.4.The Submissions 
3.5.Preliminary Objections189
3.6.The Procedure in Default of Appearance195
3.8.Duty of the Court to Seek Further Classification210
3.9.Relevant Facts211
3.10.Provisional Measures211
3.10.1.General Questions211
*3.10.2.Questions of Procedure 
3.10.3.Provisional Measures and Jurisdiction216
3.10.4.Provisional Measures and Merits217
3.11.1.General Questions (Article 62 and 63 of the Statute)220
3.11.2.Article 62, Prerequisites in General225
3.11.3.Article 62, Jurisdictional Link233
3.11.4.Procedural Rights of the Intervening State236
*3.13.Withdrawal of Suit 
*3.14.Question of Costs 
4.Judgments Of The International Court Of Justice237
4.1.General Questions237
4.2.Res judicata239
*4.3.Interpretation of Decisions 
*4.4.Revision of Judgments 
5.Advisory Opinions Of The International Court Of Justice241
5.1.General Questions 
5.2.Request for Advisory Opinion241
5.3.Jurisdictional Questions and Denial of the Request for Advisory Opinion245
5.5.Review of Decision of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal246
 Summary of the Decisions and Advisory Opinions259
 Frontier Dispute (Burkina Faso v. Mali)260
 Military and Paramilitary Activites in and against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v. United States of America)264
 Review of Judgment No. 333 of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal Advisory Opinion274
 Applicability of the Obligation to Arbitrate under Section 21 of the United Nations headquarters Agreement of 26 June 1947, Advisory Opinion280
 Border and Transborder Armed Actions (Nicaragua v. Honduras)282
 Elettronica Sicula S.p.A. (ELSI) case (United States of America v. Italy)286
 Case Concerning the Aerial Incident of 3 July 1988 (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America)289
 Applicability of Article VI, Section 22, of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations, Advisory Opinion289
 Land, Island and Maritime Frontier Dispute (El Salvador v. Honduras)294
 Case Concerning the Arbitral Award of 31 July 1989 (Guinea-Bissau v. Senegal)295
 The Judges of the International Court of Justice, 1986--1990297
 Judges ad hoc298
 General Index299
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Note Continues: Digest of the decisions of the International Court of Justice, 1976-1985. c1990, published in the series Fontes juris gentium, Series A, sectio 1
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International Court of Justice.
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