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Title Pleadings, oral arguments, documents / International Court of Justice = Mémoires, plaidoiries et documents / Cour internationale de justice.

CALL #KZ218 .P54
Lib Has/BOUND/: Case: no.1(1948)-61(1980),63(1981/82)-77,80-81,85-86,96,99,101,104,123,133-
Latest Received: No.83 Vol.1,2-7

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 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.1-2 v.1    35005012818460  
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.1-2 v.2    35005009383799  
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.1-2 v.3    35005012818471  
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.1-2 v.4    35005012818482  
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.1-2 v.5    3500501281923$  
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.1-2 v.6    3500501281924/  
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.3    35005012818493  
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.4    3500500734533  DAMAGED
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.5 v.1    3500501281850  
 Offsite Clancy Facility A  KZ218 .P54  Case no.5 v.2    3500501281851$  DAMAGED

Published [The Hague : International Court of Justice, 1948-
Description v. ; 25 cm
Note Vols. for 1948-1962 printed in Leyden by A.W. Sijthoff.
Numbering used for series is the number entered on the Court's General List for that case. The "general list" number does not appear on early volumes. A listing of those numbers can be found in the table of contents of the annual Bibliography of the International Court of Justice under the heading Cases brought before the Court; the numbers are also found in the official Reports of judgments, advisory opinions, and orders in the headings for each case.
Pleadings, etc. for some cases are published in more than one volume; they carry volume numbers in addition to the "general list" number.
Each volume issued with its own sales number.
Incomplete Contents [Contents of no. 1-59:] no. 22-23. Treatment in Hungary of aircraft and crew of United States of America (United States of America v. Hungarian People's Republic; United States of America v. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) -- no.32. Case concerning the arbitral award made by the King of Spain on 23 December 1906 (Honduras v. Nicaragua) -- no. 39. Case concerning right of passage over Indian territory (Portugal v. India) -- no. 42. Case concerning the Compagnie du Port, des Quais et des Entrepôts de Beyrouth and the Société Radio-Orient (France v. Lebanon) -- no. 45. Case concerning the Temple of Preah Vihear (Cambodia v. Thailand) -- no. 46-47. South West Africa cases (Ethiopia v. South Africa; Liberia v. South Africa) -- no. 48. Case concerning the Northern Cameroons (Cameroon v. United Kingdom) -- no. 49. Certain expenses of the United Nations (art. 17, paragraph 2, of the Charter) -- no. 51-52. North Sea Continental Shelf cases (Federal Republic of Germany/Denmark; Federal Republic of Germany/Netherlands) --
[Contents of no. 60 and following:] no. 60. Case concerning trial of Pakistani prisoners of war (Pakistan v. India) -- no. 61. Western Sahara -- no. 63. Case concerning the continental shelf (Tunisia/Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) -- no. 64. Case concerning United States diplomatic and consular staff in Tehran (United States of America v. Iran) -- no. 65. Interpretation of the Agreement of 25 March 1951 between the WHO and Egypt -- no. 66. Application for review of judgement no. 273 of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal -- no. 67. Case concerning delimitation of the maritime boundary in the Gulf of Maine area (Canada/United States of America) -- no. 68. Case concerning the continental shelf (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya/Malta) -- no.69. Case concerning the frontier dispute (Burkina Faso/Republic of Mali) -- no. 70. Case concerning military and paramilitary activities in and against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v. United States of America) -- no. 71. Application for revision and interpretation of the judgment of 24 February 1982 in the case concerning the continental shelf (Tunisia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) (Tunisia v. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) -- no. 72. Application for review of judgement no. 333 of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal -- no. 73. Case concerning border and transborder armed actions (Nicaragua v. Costa Rica) -- no. 74. Case concerning border and transborder armed actions (Nicaragua v. Honduras) -- no. 75. Case concerning the land, island, and maritime frontier dispute (El Salvador/Honduras, Nicaragua intervening) -- no. 76. Case concerning Elettronica sicula S.p.A. (ELSI) (United States of America v. Italy) -- no. 77. Applicability of the obligation to arbitrate under section 21 of the United Nations Headquarters agreement of 26 June 1947 -- no. 79. Case concerning the aerial incident of 3 July 1988 (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America) -- no. 81. Applicability of article VI, section 22, of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations -- no.83 Territorial Dispute (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya v. Chad) no. 85. Maritime delimitation between Guinea-Bissau and Senegal (Guinea-Bissau v. Senegal) -- no. 86. Case concerning passage through the Great Belt (Finland v. Denmark) -- no. 96. Fisheries jurisdiction case (Spain v. Canada) -- no. 99. Case concerning the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (Paraguay v. United States of America) -- no. 101. Request for interpretation of the judgment of 11 June 1998 in the case concerning the Land and maritime boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria (Cameroon v. Nigeria), preliminary objections -- no. 102. Pleadings, Sovereignty over Pulau Ligitan and Pulau Sipadan (Indonesia/Malaysia) -- no. 104. LaGrande Case (Germany v. United States of America) -- no. 123. Pleadings, Certain Property (Liechtenstein v. Germany) -- no. 133. Dispute Regarding Navigational and Related Rights (Costa Rica v. Nicaragua)
Note English and French.
Subject International law -- Cases.
Arbitration (International law) -- Cases.
Corporate Author International Court of Justice.
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